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         I am Tunisian married to a French woman since more of thirty years, we are aged of about sixty years and one is an owner of a small building of 3 floors in Hammam Sousse in Tunisia....
         The building is composed of 2 apartments of 3 rooms balconies, 2 apartments of 3 rooms without balconies, and 1 apartment at last  floor of 2 rooms with a superb terrace of 80 m2 and finally the house of 160 m2 more or less with a garden, a balcony, a terrace, and a big court with the whole comfort, to 900 meters of the beach (5 minutes to feet about) and close to all sorts of trades (doctors, pharmacies, bakeries, mini-markets, cabins of telephones, etc...) in a place that is surely "the most tourist of   Tunisia.


        The city is situated in an ideal place to the seaside between the city of Sousse in the south and Port Kantaoui to the north .....

The building.:: Outside view::.

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